Topic: Recent UFO Caught in Rover Photos - Response

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Recent UFO Caught in Rover Photos - Response


If you haven't heard by now, there have been several news articles on the web about a disc-shaped UFO caught in TWO pictures taken by one of the Mars Rovers. The crazy thing about this is if it were just in one picture, it could be written off as anything - dust, dirt, blemish, etc. But it was caught clearly in TWO pictures.

Now, I, like many others browsing sites like this want to believe this is a UFO not of this Earth; However, I think I may have a theory as to what this is.


Articles calling this a UFO:


Raw NASA pictures in question:

Keep in mind the rover is on Mars, which is much closer to Saturn than we are on Earth. To us, Saturn looks like a star. On Mars, (depending on where Mars and Saturn are in their orbits), you may actually start to make out the rings of the gas giant, especially if Saturn is positioned near the martian horizon. Ever notice how the Earth's moon looks much larger when it's closer to the horizon? It's probably the same effect on Mars. And if you look in each of the pictures, the 'UFO' is located near the horizon.

More evidence:

The UFO could be Saturn


Also, the reason why the 'UFO' looks to have moved across the sky is because I believe the Rover looked to its left. For instance, in the first picture, you can see the full trail of tire tracks in the middle of the picture, and the 'UFO' is to the left. In the second picture, the tire tracks are off to the right - and the 'UFO' is now in the middle of the picture.

You also may ask IF it's really Saturn, then why does it show up in each picture as a metallic black object?  Also keep in mind you are looking at a crappy black and white picture.

There's a part of me that hopes I'm right just so I can say I figured this out. But there's also a part of me that hopes I'm wrong. C'mon... Somebody prove me wrong.... :)



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